now [ nau ] function word ***
Now is used in the following ways:
as an adverb:
We'd better leave now to get there on time.
Now, what should we do next?
as a conjunction with that :
Now that I'm married, I don't go out in the evenings so much.
1. ) the present time at the present time:
He is now 48 years old.
She's been very ill, but she's much better now.
by/before now: The meeting should have finished by now.
I've never been to a formal dinner party before now, and I'm not quite sure how to behave.
from now on (=starting from the present time): Nancy will be working full-time from now on.
as of now: The rule will take effect as of now.
for now (=from now until some future time): Prices will remain unchanged for now.
Goodbye for now.
up to now/until now: Until now, we've had very mild weather this winter.
right now: Right now I'm not interested in dating I need to spend some time alone.
not now: Can I ask you a question? Not now, I'm busy.
now is the time/moment: Now is the time to look forward, make plans for the future, and work together.
2. ) immediately immediately or very soon:
If everyone else is finished in the bathroom, I'll take my shower now.
right now: Can you call me back? No, I need to talk to you right now.
3. ) up to the present used for saying how long it is since something happened or started:
It's been three years now since I moved to Colorado.
The farm workers have been there for about two weeks now.
4. ) as a result of something
a ) used when you are saying that something happens as a result of something else:
Having inherited the money, she knew that things would now be much better.
now (that): Now that the war is over, there is a lot more food in the stores.
b ) used when you are saying that you understand something as a result of what you have been told or what has happened:
Now I see why she didn't want to go with me she was interested in George.
5. ) at that time used in stories to mean at a particular time in the story:
We ran down the road and past the house, which was now hidden in the darkness.
6. ) used for emphasis SPOKEN used for giving emphasis to a request, order, or comment:
Now come on, tell me what's been happening.
Don't forget now call me tomorrow.
Now that's what I like about Harry he's always cheerful.
7. ) used for getting someone's attention or introducing information SPOKEN
a ) used when you want to get people's attention or to show that you are going to talk about something new:
Now, listen everybody.
Now, about next week's program we've had to make a few changes.
now then: Now then, are there any more questions?
b ) used for introducing information that you think someone needs to know in order to understand the story that you are telling:
He was 20 when he moved to the city. Now, you have to remember that was 30 years ago.
8. ) used when pausing SPOKEN used when you pause before deciding what to say next:
Now, let me think.
any day/moment etc. now
very soon:
I'm expecting the package any day now.
He'll be coming home any minute now.
it's now or never
used for saying that if something is not done immediately, there will not be another chance to do it in the future
just now
1. ) a very short time ago:
When did you see him? Just now, up at the house.
2. ) BRITISH at the present time:
Mrs. Collins is busy just now, so you'll have to wait.
(every) now and then/again
sometimes, but not regularly or often:
Now and then I receive letters from my former students.
She comes to New York every now and again.
now for SPOKEN
used when you are saying what is going to happen next:
Now for a surprise! I bet you can't guess who's coming to dinner!
now now SPOKEN
1. ) used as a friendly way of making someone calm when they are upset:
Now now, don't get upset. Everything will be all right.
2. ) used for showing someone that you do not approve of the way they are behaving:
Now now, there's no need to be rude. LITERARY
used for saying someone or something does one thing and then does something different, especially while they are doing something else:
She was reading the report carefully, now smiling, now frowning.
now you tell me SPOKEN
used for telling someone that you wish they had told you something before. This expression shows that you are slightly annoyed:
I could have gotten the tickets for half price! Now you tell me!
what is it now? SPOKEN
used for asking someone what they want after they have already asked you about other things. This expression shows that you are getting annoyed:
What is it now? I'm trying to work.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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